Fire performance

Envirolex® is an extensive range of flame retardant cable developed for industrial applications. Engineered to reduce environmental mpact under fire conditions and assist in reducing emissions of harmful gases that may hinder evacuation process during fire. Envirolex has been built with safety in mind whilst retaining excellent mechanical and electrical properties.



Alsecure® Fire Rated range of cables are designed to preserve circuit integrity of essential services and electrical equipment during fire.. Alsecure® Plus 110°, is a MICA Tape layer that acts as protective barrier during fire. These cables meet the WS52W fire test in accordance with AS/NZS 3013.



  Alsecure® PLUS Multicore
ALSECURE® PLUS Mica/X-HF-110/HFS-110-TP 0.6/1 kV Rated Multicore Power Cable  
  Alsecure® PLUS Single Core
Alsecure® Plus Mica/X-HF-110/HFS-110-TP, 0.6/1kV Rated Single Core Fire Rated Power Cable 
  ENVIROLEX® Flexible Single Core 110°C
Single core flexible copper conductor, 0.6/1kV X-HF-110 insulated, HFS-110-TP sheathed to AS/NZS 5000.1, Low smoke zero halogen insulation and sheath, 110°C continuous