As a leader in communication cables, we understand the importance of data communication cables as a vital link in your business.

We supply the electrical and data communication industries with a wide range of quality data cables specifically designed with the installer in mind.

Every length of cable produced is subject to rigid testing to the relevant standards at every stage of manufacture. It is this commitment to cable making excellence, coupled with a dedication to customer support, which has made Olex Australia’s communication specialist.

Our LAN and telephone cables are marketed under the Datolex® brand. Packaging for these cables consists of either a one piece spool or user friendly colour coded boxes. The boxes feature a reel system which is designed to reduce kinks and allows for easier pull out, plus bar coding for positive identification and inventory management.

  Coaxial 75 Ohm
Bare annealed copper conductor, PE insulated, bare copper wire braid, black PVC sheathed. 
  LAN Category 5 and 6
Bare copper conductor, polyolefin insulated, twisted pairs, PVC sheathed 
  LAN Underground
Bare copper conductor, polyolefin insulated, twisted pairs, black polyethylene outer sheath. 
  RS485 Screened (low capacitance)
Stranded (7/0.2mm) tinned copper conductors, PE insulated, twisted pair, aluminium foil overall tape screen and tinned copper braid shield (90% coverage), with a stranded drain wire, and PVC Sheath.   Core Colours Pair one: White/Blue Pair two: White/Orange